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2019-12-07 07:35:19


  Disney has laid out a vast catalog of new and classic movies and shows you'll be able to stream with the launch of its Netflix competitor, Disney Plus. At launch on Nov. 12 in the US, Disney Plus will include new Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar as well as a trove of legacy titles.

  The service will boast 300 movie titles on day one, and that'll grow to more than 500 (100 of them being "recent" theatrical film releases) in the first year, as well as 7,500 episodes of TV. Disney has even indicated it would revive nostalgic Fox franchises including a Home Alone reboot on Disney Plus. 

  With the massive libraries of Disney -- and, now 21st Century Fox -- as candidates for the service, what do we know will be included? 

  Overall, we know that Disney Plus will be an exclusive streaming home for all of Disney's theatrical releases in 2019 and beyond, starting with Captain Marvel at launch. Disney on Wednesday surprised Marvel fans by announcing mega-blockbuster Avengers: Endgame will also be available to stream at launch on Nov. 12, a month earlier than planned. And you can count on Disney Plus to be the exclusive place to stream the rest of Disney's theatrical slate going forward too, including Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Frozen 2, The Lion King, Toy Story 4 and so on. 

  It will also have original series and movies exclusive to its service. The live-action, big-budget Star Wars spinoff The Mandalorian is probably its most-anticipated launch title. We'll also be getting Marvel original shows with stories tightly integrated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and starring the same actors as the films. We'll also see a Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi series with Ewan McGregor reprising his role sometime down the line.

  In October, Disney Plus' social accounts went on a bender showing off "basically everything coming to Disney Plus" on launch day. An epic Twitter thread claimed to include every show and movie that would be available at launch, a three-hour-plus "trailer" on YouTube showed mini-clips of almost all those titles. 

  But availability of the company's huge legacy catalog of movies and shows is less clear because of a web of licensing agreements that have titles tied up on other services during Disney Plus' early years. 

  And the release timing of many of Disney's originals is hazy. In some cases, the company has announced plans for originals without any indication of when they'll come out: A Lizzie Maquire reboot; a dramedy series Big Shots focused on girls high school basketball starring John Stamos; a comedic puppet talk show Earth to Ned with the Jim Henson Company; an untitled Mickey Mouse documentary; a docu-series about people who "embody the Disney ethos" called People & Places; a project about celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck called simply Wolfgang; and National Geographic documentary Science Fair.

  The Marvel movies available at launch will be:

  From Star Wars, the service will launch with all the movies from the first two trilogies: 

  Of the latest Star Wars films, Disney Plus will have just The Force Awakens and Rogue One at launch. During the first year of the service, it will add the remaining Star titles, so The Last Jedi, Solo and The Rise of Skywalker will be available to stream before the end of next year. 

  Disney Plus also will have all Pixar movies, except for Coco, Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4. Those last three Pixar movies will be added to Disney Plus in the first year. 

  In addition, the service will have Avatar, the 2009 blockbuster film, available at launch too. 

  The end of this article also includes the list of all titles Disney has confirmed will be available at launch.

  The first ever live-action Star Wars series stars Pedro Pascal as a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy, set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order. The Mandalorian is written and executive-produced by Jon Favreau, with Dave Filoni -- of Star Wars: The Clone Wars -- directing the first episode. The cast also includes Gina Carano, Carl Weathers, Giancarlo Esposito, Emily Swallow, Omid Abtahi, Werner Herzog and Nick Nolte. 

  Forky, from Toy Story 4, is a craft project built out of trash, so he has a lot of questions about how the world works. This Pixar animated series of 10 shorts will have Forky explore questions like: What is love? What is time? And what is cheese?

  Disney+ will be the exclusive home of SparkShorts, the Pixar Animation Studios short film series designed to discover new storytellers and explore new storytelling techniques from across the studio. 

  The prank show creates real-life versions of Pixar characters and unleashes them on unsuspecting folks in the real world.  

  The reality series looks at positive change several young people are making in their own communities by dedicating their lives to selfless acts. In Hero Project, Marvel celebrates them as superheroes in the real world.

  Sprinkled with meta references, the 10-episode scripted series is set at the real-life East High where the original movie was filmed, and follows a group of students as they countdown to opening night of their school's first-ever production of High School Musical.

  In a reality series executive produced by Kristen Bell, former castmates of a high school musical re-create their original performance with the help of Broadway's best talent. Part high school reunion, part behind-the-scenes doc, the former students face old friendships and former flames, all while trying to nail choreography. Musicals include The Sound of Music, Beauty and the Beast, Annie and more.

  The documentary series chronicles the 65-year history of Walt Disney Imagineering, looking at the people involved in the design, construction and business of Disney theme parks. The series includes exclusive interviews and never-before-seen footage from Disney's parks worldwide.

  Jeff Goldblum leads each episode of this reality series by examining a deceptively familiar thing we all love -- like sneakers or ice cream. Goldblum makes disparate connections between science, history and people.

  A reboot of the 1955 animated classic, Tessa Thompson voices Lady -- a prim and proper house dog -- and Justin Theroux voices Tramp -- a tough but lovable stray. Over the course of a series of adventures, they grow closer and come to understand the true meaning of home. The cast also includes Kiersey Clemons (Darling), Thomas Mann (Jim Dear), Janelle Monae (as the voice of Peg), Yvette Nicole Brown (Aunt Sarah) and Sam Elliot (voice of Trusty).

  Bill Hader plays Nick Kringle, the first in line to become Santa Claus. As he struggles, his younger sister Noelle, played by Anna Kendrick, enjoys a life without responsibility. But when Nick disappears weeks before Christmas, Noelle must scour the globe to find him and save the Christmas season. Cast also includes Kingsley Ben-Adir, Billy Eichner, Julie Hagerty and Shirley MacLaine. 

  Within its first year, Disney will have more than 25 original episodic series and more than 10 original movies, documentaries and specials. Combined with library content, Disney Plus will have more than 7,500 series episodes and more than 500 movies, with more than 100 of those films being more recent releases.

  Marvel will add at least another six movies (possibly more):

  Star Wars will add The Last Jedi, Solo and The Rise of Skywalker over the course of the first year, completing the full library.

  And Pixar will add Coco, Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4, rounding out its full catalog of films too.

  You can also count on every theatrical Disney movie released in 2019 (and beyond) hitting Disney Plus roughly six to 10 months after its debut in theaters. 

  The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series will be available sometime after Disney Plus launches within its first year. 

  Closely tied to events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson character (and his Falcon alter-ego) return as the new Captain America, after elderly Steve Rogers handed off his shield in Endgame. Sebastian Stan's Bucky joins him to fight evil as a duo, and Daniel Bruhl will reprise his role of villain Zemo from Captain America: Civil War in the series.

  Hollywood trade publications have leaked other details of the show. It is being written by Malcolm Spellman of Empire, according to Variety, and John Wick writer Derek Kolstad, according to The Wrap. Meanwhile, Kari Skoglan -- known for work on The Handmaid's Tale -- will direct all six of the series' episodes, according to Deadline. Timing: Fall 2020

  This documentary series explores the intersection between Marvel's stories, characters and creators and the real world. Each documentary will dive into the historical and cultural context to the stories of the Marvel Universe. Timing: Year One

  A prequel of sorts to Bo Peep's return in Toy Story 4, this animated short film answers questions about where Bo was since we last we saw her in Toy Story 2. Timing: Year One

  Inspired by the characters of Monsters, Inc., the animated series picks up six months after the events of the original film. Tylor Tuskmon, an eager young mechanic who works on the Monsters Inc. facilities team, dreams of working his way up to the Laugh Floor. Returning cast members Billy Crystal, John Goodman, John Ratzenberger, Bob Peterson and Jennifer Tilly will join new cast members Ben Feldman, Kelly Marie Tran, Henry Winkler, Lucas Neff, Alanna Ubach and Stephen Stanton. Timing: Year One

  The animated series returns with 12 new episodes exclusively on Disney Plus, bringing back characters Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Padmé Amidala, plus Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex. Timing: Year One

  A behind-the-scenes doc about the making of Frozen 2 will debut at launch.

  Walt Disney Animation Studios is opening its doors to cameras as it never has before, detailing how the voice cast, directors and team of artists created Frozen 2. A multi-episode documentary series, the series will depict the making of one of the most highly-anticipated Disney Animation features ever. Timing: Year One

  This reality competition hosted by Angela Kinsey invites families from diverse backgrounds to join a Disney-inspired cooking content at Walt Disney World. In each episode, two families will participate in a themed challenge mixing Disney into their family traditions. The finalists will apply what they have learned to create a dish that represents their family in a Disney way. Timing: Year One

  Cinema Relics is an anthology series re-examining beloved films through the props and costumes that made them unique -- drawing from the perspectives of the craftspeople who created them, the actors who interacted with them, and the collectors/archives that own them today. Among the films featured in the first eight episodes are Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Mary Poppins, The Muppet Movie, Tron and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Timing: Year One

  Told from the narration of her diary, the series follows a Cuban-American 12-year-old girl as she navigates middle school en route to becoming the future US president. Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) and Emily Gipson (I Can and I Will) executive produce along with Ilana Peña (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend). Timing: Year One

  This reality series will follow the teams of more than 1,000 animal-care experts, vets and biologists at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park and Epcot's SeaBase aquarium. Timing: Year One

  Another reality series, each episode of (Re)Connect will show a family disconnecting in order to address a relatable issue and confront the family's dilemma. Timing: Year One

  Journalist Bob Woodruff travels the world with his 27-year-old son, Mack, focusing on places your average tourist is least likely to venture. Timing: Year One

  This competition series highlights teams of inventive students who design, build and test new contraptions, before a panel of experts rate their work. Timing: Year One

  A new season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is coming to Disney Plus in its first year.

  A documentary about the Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast lyricist Howard Ashman. Timing: 2020

  Stepbrothers Phineas and Ferb, their older sister Candace, Perry the Platypus and the Danville gang come back together in an animated adventure. Phineas and Ferb set across the galaxy to rescue Candace, who has been abducted by aliens and spirited away to a far-off planet free of little brothers. Timing: Year One

  Based on New York Times best-selling Young Adult novel, this coming-of-age story follows Leo Borlock, an average 16-year-old, who is content to fly under the radar until a new student named Stargirl shows up at his high school. Timing: Year One

  Based on the book Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made, this film tells the story of Timmy, a quirky, deadpan hero, who operates detective agency Total Failure Inc. with his 1,500 pound polar bear partner, Total. Timing: Year One

  Based on a true story, a 1925 Alaskan village rely on one man -- Leonhard Seppala, played by Willem Dafoe -- and his lead sled dog, Togo, to retrieve a diphtheria antitoxin hundreds of miles away across treacherous terrain on the eve of a massive story. Timing: Year One

  Elizabeth Olsen will return as Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany will reprise his role as Vision in the new Marvel Studios series. Marvel has called the show a "mega event series" for Disney Plus. WandaVision will take place after the events of Avengers: Endgame. With Bettany returning, the series will presumably address how Vision is revived after his death in Infinity War. It will also include Teyonah Parris playing adult Monica Rambeau, first seen as a child in Captain Marvel.

  The events of WandaVision will also lead directly to Scarlet Witch's appearance in the May 2021 theatrical film, Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness.

  Olsen said WandaVision will be "unlike anything we've done before" at the Comic Con announcement of the show. "It's gonna get weird."

  Tom Hiddleston will reprise his role as Loki, saying it will feature the version of Loki seen in 2012's first Avengers film. Loki appeared to be killed by Thanos at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, but Endgame's "time heist" plot showed Loki in 2012 snatching the Tesseract/Space Stone and teleporting away. The Loki series will explain what happened to Hiddleston's character right after that, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has said. Hiddleston also said the series version of Loki reflects the mischievous version seen in The Avengers, not the reformed Loki seen in Thor: Ragnarok.

  Marvel Studios' first animated series takes inspiration from the comic books of the same name. Each episode will explore a pivotal moment from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and turn it on its head, leading the audience into alternate realities.

  Many actors from the MCU will serve as voice talent, and the casting is already hinting at what storylines What If...? will explore. Michael B. Jordan and Chadwick Boseman coming back ensure a Black Panther alternate reality with Jordan's villain Kilmonger. In the Thor corner, the Ragnarok team of Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Taika Waititi and Jeff Goldblum are all getting back together -- plus Natalie Portman. Another episode will address a Peggy Carter alternate world with Hayley Atwell returning as Peggy and Dominic Cooper reprising young Howard Stark. Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas will voice their Ant-Man roles, and Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye and Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury will be showing up too.

  A narrator voiced by Jeffrey Wright will serve as a throughline across episodes. Wright's narrator is The Watcher, part of a celestial race that watches over events taking place in the MCU. The Watchers were briefly seen in Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 during Stan Lee's cameo.

  Picking up after the events of Avengers: Endgame, the Hawkeye series will see Jeremy Renner reprise his role as the archer, and feature Kate Bishop, who in the comics becomes the next Hawkeye. Exploring the character's time as Ronin, Renner said, "I get to teach someone else how to be a superhero without superpowers" at a Comic-Con appearance.

  Diego Luna will reprise his role of rebel spy Cassian Andor in this series set during the formative years of the Rebellion prior to the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The rousing spy thriller will explore tales filled with espionage and daring missions to restore hope to a galaxy in the grip of a ruthless Empire. Alan Tudyk will also reprise his role as K-2SO with Stephen Schiff (The Americans) as showrunner and executive producer. Timing: Year Two

  Earthkeepers is a cinematic documentary series profiling people changing the way we see the animal kingdom: conservationists and the animals they've devoted their careers to studying, some of the planet's most endangered species. Timing: Year Two

  The documentary series, based on the book of the same name, tells the story of how an unsung workforce of women helped create some of the most beloved animated films of Disney. Timing: Year Two

  This story was originally published April 12 and is updated as new information is revealed.



  东方心经玄机图2015年【离】【开】【了】【小】【商】【铺】【之】【后】,【张】【文】【浩】【就】【接】【到】【了】【夏】【沫】【打】【来】【的】【电】【话】。 “【文】【浩】,【你】【下】【午】【帮】【我】【区】【机】【场】【接】【下】【我】【姑】【姑】【一】【家】,【广】【场】【这】【边】【太】【忙】【了】,【我】【实】【在】【抽】【不】【开】【身】。”【夏】【沫】【的】【声】【音】【很】【自】【然】,【似】【乎】【已】【经】【完】【全】【忘】【却】【了】【昨】【天】【晚】【上】【发】【生】【的】【事】【情】。 “【家】【里】【的】【那】【个】【女】【人】【是】【谁】?”【张】【文】【浩】【开】【门】【见】【山】【的】【问】【道】。 【夏】【沫】【迟】【疑】【了】【片】【刻】,【深】【呼】【了】【一】【口】【气】【之】【后】【说】【道】:

  【南】【海】【网】、【南】【海】【网】【客】【户】【端】【海】【口】11【月】9【日】【消】【息】(【南】【海】【网】【记】【者】 【胡】【丽】【齐】)11【月】9【日】,【南】【海】【网】【记】【者】【从】【海】【南】【省】【考】【试】【局】【获】【悉】,2019【年】11【月】13【日】【至】18【日】,【海】【南】【省】2020【年】【高】【考】【进】【入】【报】【名】【阶】【段】。【考】【生】【可】【登】【录】【海】【南】【省】【考】【试】【局】【网】【站】,【凭】【报】【考】【卡】【进】【入】【高】【考】【报】【名】【系】【统】,【填】【报】【本】【人】【报】【名】【信】【息】;【网】【上】【缴】【纳】【各】【项】【考】【试】【费】【用】【的】【时】【间】【截】【止】【于】11【月】25【日】17:30。【高】【考】【体】【检】【时】【间】【定】【于】2020【年】2【月】28【日】【前】【进】【行】,【具】【体】【时】【间】【和】【体】【检】【地】【点】【由】【各】【市】【县】【确】【定】。

  -【送】【神】【子】。 【垂】【幕】【晦】【迹】,【北】【辰】【星】【烨】【隐】【耀】,【萧】【瑟】【起】【凉】,【伫】【影】【穆】【若】【峨】【松】【也】。【钩】【沉】【稽】【古】,【既】【登】【临】【观】【染】【千】【古】,【尽】【照】【残】【红】,【犹】【生】【之】【年】【也】。【纵】【世】【态】【而】【知】【时】【异】,【惟】【此】【心】【念】【持】【恒】,【神】【思】【渺】【然】【朗】【肃】,【垂】【睫】【窈】【视】,【星】【火】【焚】【烧】【牢】【落】,【灼】【尽】【暗】【夜】。【风】【袂】【揽】【入】【桂】【华】,【发】【物】【象】【之】【微】【抉】,【举】【扇】【引】【接】【长】【歌】,【窥】【此】【天】【地】【也】,【死】【国】【开】【道】。 “【当】【虚】【藏】【袭】【向】【大】【地】

  【系】【统】【监】【测】【到】【了】【奕】【河】【这】【种】【可】【怕】【的】【想】【法】。 【他】【吓】【坏】【了】。 【一】【个】【的】【发】【出】【警】【告】【声】。 【【警】【告】!【警】【告】!【请】【勿】【让】【气】【运】【之】【子】【恢】【复】【神】【智】,【请】【勿】【请】【勿】。】 “【吵】【死】【了】!”【小】【姑】【娘】【不】【耐】【烦】【的】【嘟】【囔】【了】【一】【句】。 【可】【她】【又】【没】【有】【办】【法】,【这】【该】【死】【的】【系】【统】【就】【在】【她】【身】【上】,【她】【根】【本】【没】【办】【法】【让】【这】【个】【东】【西】【滚】【蛋】。 “【什】【么】【东】【西】!【滚】【出】【来】!”【奕】【河】【眉】【心】【一】【蹙】

  【温】【霜】【雪】【僵】【硬】【的】【笑】【了】【一】【声】:“【我】【现】【在】【说】【不】【去】【还】【来】【得】【及】【吗】?” 【若】【虚】【点】【点】【头】:“【当】【然】【来】【得】【及】,【只】【是】【往】【后】【你】【怕】【是】【少】【不】【了】【被】【宵】【小】【纠】【缠】。” 【温】【霜】【雪】【的】【脸】【立】【刻】【就】【变】【了】,【再】【次】【换】【上】【一】【副】【悍】【不】【畏】【死】:“【去】!【必】【须】【去】!” 【秦】【朗】【别】【过】【头】,【温】【霜】【雪】【这】【样】【子】【怎】【么】【让】【他】【生】【出】【几】【分】【丢】【人】【的】【感】【觉】。 【温】【霜】【雪】【虚】【心】【求】【教】:“【若】【虚】【大】【哥】,【依】【你】【看】,东方心经玄机图2015年【白】【青】【青】【这】【一】【手】【可】【以】【说】【是】【完】【全】【是】【神】【来】【之】【笔】,【实】【属】【奇】【招】。 【也】【是】【不】【少】【人】【又】【看】【到】【了】【希】【望】【的】【火】【苗】,【不】【然】【若】【非】【已】【孔】【灵】【目】【前】【的】【状】【态】,【恐】【怕】【除】【了】【夏】【侯】【杰】【还】【真】【难】【有】【人】【撼】【其】【左】【右】,【如】【今】【杀】【出】【来】【个】【身】【怀】【绝】【技】【的】【白】【青】【青】,【恐】【怕】【这】【一】【次】【是】【已】【经】【偏】【离】【了】【那】【孔】【乙】【府】【主】【的】【预】【期】【了】,【如】【今】【失】【去】【最】【大】【依】【仗】【的】【孔】【灵】【看】【来】【得】【凭】【真】【材】【实】【料】【和】【白】【青】【青】【来】【一】【个】【十】【二】【分】【的】【战】

  【第】【五】【千】【一】【百】【零】【四】【章】【周】【天】【圣】【尊】(【全】【书】【完】) “【呼】!” 【周】【辰】【随】【即】【落】【地】,【心】【中】【一】【块】【石】【头】【总】【算】【是】【落】【地】【了】。 【被】【河】【图】【大】【阵】【封】【印】【住】【元】【神】【之】【后】,【也】【就】【意】【味】【着】【圣】【灵】【魔】【君】【已】【经】【败】【了】,【而】【且】【还】【是】【大】【败】【特】【败】,【河】【图】【阵】【法】【是】【无】【解】【的】【阵】【法】。 【当】【初】【镇】【元】【大】【仙】【让】【周】【辰】【在】【五】【庄】【圣】【境】【中】【布】【下】【河】【图】【大】【阵】,【但】【是】【却】【没】【有】【引】【来】【圣】【灵】【魔】【君】,【而】【如】【今】【周】【辰】【却】【是】

  【接】【引】【和】【准】【提】【现】【在】【很】【忧】【愁】。 【玉】【虚】【宫】【里】,【元】【始】【天】【尊】【同】【样】【很】【忧】【愁】。 【这】【小】【沈】【脾】【气】【怎】【么】【就】【这】【么】【爆】【呢】?【才】【刚】【苏】【醒】【几】【天】【啊】,【这】【就】【刚】【起】【来】【了】,【弄】【得】【他】【好】【烦】【呐】! 【本】【来】【他】【还】【打】【算】【等】【等】【的】,【等】【姜】【子】【牙】【大】【彻】【大】【悟】,【明】【白】【红】【颜】【白】【骨】【最】【后】【都】【是】【一】【场】【空】【的】【道】【理】,【然】【后】【去】【西】【岐】【辅】【佐】【姬】【昌】【起】【兵】【伐】【商】,【然】【后】【他】【再】【把】【封】【神】【大】【任】【交】【给】【姜】【子】【牙】,【可】【是】【现】【在】【看】

  【对】【于】【伊】【利】【丹】【的】【反】【水】,【铁】【牧】【是】【举】【双】【手】【欢】【迎】【的】,【所】【以】【并】【没】【有】【过】【多】【压】【榨】【对】【方】【的】【价】【值】,【能】【及】【时】【获】【得】【对】【方】【的】【情】【报】,【就】【是】【最】【大】【的】【收】【获】。 【又】【谈】【了】【一】【会】,【双】【方】【确】【定】【了】【一】【些】【细】【节】,【便】【各】【自】【离】【开】【了】。【回】【到】【路】【西】【法】【之】【墙】,【费】【隆】【纳】【斯】【便】【告】【知】【铁】【牧】【已】【经】【得】【到】【了】【伊】【利】【丹】【的】【通】【知】,【可】【以】【提】【供】【转】【职】【任】【务】【了】。 【不】【过】【首】【先】【要】【解】【决】【的】【是】【费】【隆】【纳】【斯】【的】【语】【言】【问】【题】

  【阿】【漠】【是】【被】【萋】【萋】【在】【西】【城】【捡】【到】【的】。 【当】【时】【的】【他】【像】【极】【了】【当】【年】【未】【曾】【遇】【到】【陆】【未】【郗】【的】【江】【萋】【萋】。 【西】【城】【旁】【边】【有】【一】【片】【沙】【漠】,【阿】【漠】【当】【时】【就】【在】【那】【里】。 【一】【个】【人】,【孤】【零】【零】【的】。 【他】【是】【个】【孤】【儿】,【记】【事】【起】【就】【一】【直】【在】【漂】【泊】。 【他】【没】【有】【名】【字】。 【萋】【萋】【见】【到】【他】,【问】【他】【叫】【什】【么】。 【他】【轻】【轻】【摇】【头】,【面】【上】【没】【有】【一】【丝】【表】【情】。 【萋】【萋】【说】,【我】【叫】【江】【萋】【萋】,


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